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For Enduring

Ensure a strong and vibrant NMH for generations through unrestricted and sustaining endowment and gifts of future support


$45 million


  • $100,000 Unrestricted endowed fund with naming opportunity

Lamplighter Society recognition is offered to donors who establish a life-income gift or provide for NMH through an estate plan.

“A school far ahead of all places” is how Thomas Nelson Baker, Class of 1887, described our school. Our world needs NMH to continue to be that far-ahead school. Far ahead in access to an NMH education. Far ahead in providing access to a high-quality education. Far ahead in the innovation of our programs. Far ahead in our ability to send into the world as many people as possible who know what it means to work together for humanity, for our planet, and for each other.


For years, NMH has done exceedingly well with relatively little. Unrestricted gifts to the endowment will secure the strides NMH has made in scholarship support and provide us with the flexibility to innovate and adapt our programs over time, long into the future. It’s time to start doing more with more.

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