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NMH Fund

Thank you!

Loyalty Circle membership recognizes the school’s most loyal and generous supporters. It’s easy to become a member by making a recurring gift of any amount, giving consecutively in each of the past three years or longer, contributing $1,879 or more during the current fiscal year. Lifetime cumulative giving of $50,000 or more makes you a permanent member of the Loyal Circle. Learn more about the Loyalty Circle.

Northfield Mount Hermon is grateful for our community’s ongoing trust and investment in our enduring values of educating the head, heart, and hand. Find more information about our commitment to donor and financial stewardship at Reports and Recognition.

For more information about supporting Northfield Mount Hermon with a gift to the NMH Fund, please contact:


Jocelyn Merrick 

NMH Fund Director


The NMH Fund is a vital source of funding for Northfield Mount Hermon and the primary means for all alums, parents, and friends to help sustain the distinctive features that make NMH special. The success of the NMH Fund reflects a commitment to shared experience and mutual encouragement, as each generation preserves the opportunity it received, strengthens it, and passes it on. Each year’s NMH Fund campaign begins on July 1 and ends on June 30.


Why is the NMH Fund important each year?

The NMH Fund provides roughly 10% of the school’s operating revenue. Annual giving through the NMH Fund is vital to sustaining our educational mission — for both today’s students and future generations. The NMH Fund supports the day-to-day needs of long-term programs — financial aid, academic and cocurricular activities, faculty development, athletics, arts, and campus sustainability — and is the engine that empowers a truly transformative education.


Why does alumni and parent participation matter?

Participation is a vote of confidence in NMH’s mission and a vote of support for the value of an NMH education. Your participation with a gift of any size demonstrates your acknowledgement of NMH’s importance in your life.


Can I set up a recurring gift to the NMH Fund?

A monthly recurring gift allows you to contribute to NMH each and every month, providing dependable support throughout the year. In addition, you may increase your annual donation by dividing it up into more manageable regular gifts. You will receive an acknowledgement and receipt in January and can adjust or stop your contribution at any time. To make an automatic monthly recurring gift to the NMH Fund, choose "Make this a recurring payment" on the NMH Fund giving page and follow the prompts.


How can I increase the impact of my support through a matching gift?

Many companies and foundations will match the value of charitable gifts made by employees and their spouses, board members, and retirees. To find out if a particular company or foundation has a matching gift program, check our matching gift database.

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